About Us

Linden Dream Team (LDT) is a non-profit organization based in Brooklyn New York. Membership is open to everyone. We also welcome sponsors and donors of any kind.

The committed volunteers of the organization have dedicated their efforts to improving the lives of children, senior citizens, and individuals with special needs within our communities.

The goal of the LDT is to work collaboratively with volunteers within and outside of the United States to spur fundamental social change that will lead to academic achievement and economic empowerment.

Many of our volunteers are from Linden, Guyana, a small town nestled in tropical South America. We have therefore taken the initiative to improve the lot of our community in the United States as well as in South America.

Funding for projects undertaken by the Linden Dream Team are derived primarily from donations. Therefore as we continue to receive help from friends who believe and support the organization’s mission we are also reaching out to others for help.

We are especially interested in sponsors for our fundraising events throughout the year. However, donations of any kind are welcomed. We can assure you that when you support any of our ventures you are helping us to attain our goal of helping those in great need.

Help to support change in our communities!


Please help us by becoming a member.